You can always see your LIVE analytics, in real time, on the map on your dashboard:

To see detailed reports about your listening audience, click on the Analytics tab.

Then, select the station along with the time period (today, yesterday, this week, etc.) from the drop down menu and click on Get Analytics to generate the report.

You will be able to see Total sessions completed, Total unique IPs, Average listening minutes, Total listening hours.
A session = a connection to your stream. Every time someone connects to your stream, this counts as a session.

The graph shows total sessions over the period of time which you selected.

As you continue to scroll, you with find another graph showing you average listening minutes. This is a great way to gauge at what time your station is most popular.
Directly below are device statistics. You will see a breakdown of how your listeners are tuning in- via Android, iPhone, or Desktop.

Following is the Regional Statistics. Here is where you can see the geographic location of your listeners on a map and detailed on a chart:

Lastly, you will see daily statistics (or hourly depending on your selection).
Note that if there is not data for a certain day or hour, this means that during that time there was no traffic.

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