You can see reports concerning your audience by checking out the Listener Analytics which can be found by logging into and clicking on the "Analytics" tab.

Time Period

You can select from the dropdown menu the period for which you need the information. Here are the available options:

At the custom option you can select a period of up to six months.

Information on Listening Sessions

At the overview of the Listeners Analytics you can see the average sessions/hour, the total sessions completed, the average listening minutes, the total listening hours and the total GBs used during this period of time.

Below you can also see graphs explaining the variation of sessions, GBs and listeners from time to time or day to day.

Device Statistics

An interesting table to take into consideration is the analytics of devices used to listen to your radio station. In this way you can take decision on creating an application or simply know your audience better. 

Regional Statistics

Get to know your top countries and how many unique IPs tune in to your radio station per country. This is an important metric in case that you want to add a promotional marketing campaign or target your audience through social media platforms.

Hourly Statistics

At the end of the page you can also see the hour by hour reporting. Understand your daily picks and arrange your breaks and shows in the optimal way in order to maximize your listening audience. 

Master Station and Relays
If your station has relays, the Master will always include ALL analytics from the relays, as long as the relays are slaves (linked) to the Master Station. You can verify this yourself by scrolling down to hourly statistics and clicking on an hour. Below you will see the relays. 

You can also download your analytics as a CSV or PDF file. 

**Please note that for LIVE stats there may be lag time of a couple of minutes before the data reflects on your world map.**

Additionally, if you are not seeing any analytics for a service you ARE signed up for, please reach out to us and we will look into this for you. 

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