Here at Zeno Media we offer broadcasters many tools they can use to share their content with their audience. We offer different listening experiences that appeal to every type of listener, allowing you to connect to everyone who has in interest in your station! Your audience can listen to your content via:

  1. Call-To-Listen: Our Call-To-Listen service links a telephone number to your radio stream. Listeners simply have to dial the number and they are connected to your live stream! This appeals to many listeners who may be on-the-go, not technologically savvy, elderly, or have limited internet access. To find out more on how to sign up for this service and how it works, visit the call-to-listen section of our help page by clicking here
  2.  Microsite: All stations powered by Zeno Media are given a microsite ready to use under their own domain, with an embedded player and some basic information of the station. You can access your microsite by first logging-in Click on TOOLS then on MEDIA PLAYER. 

When you open your microsite for the first time it will look like this:

For more information on this feature click here.

3. Player widget : If you already have your own site you can use our player widget and embed it to your site. First click on TOOLS, then WIDGETS. You will find the embed code needed for your site along with several additional options. More information on our widget can be found by visiting this article. 

4. Streaming URL: You can share your streaming URL with your audience and can also use this streaming URL to be listed on radio directories. This can be found by visiting TOOLS and selecting STREAM URLS


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