You can manage your radio settings on the Settings tab.

At the Station Info tab you can see and edit your Station name under General.

This is also where you can set up the Facebook Live feature in order to broadcast your stream on Facebook in realtime.

Under Advanced, you will manage your stations output. This includes master relay link, Fail over (both used if you would like to use your own existing stream URL), server settings, output media format (select between AAC or MP3), Output Bitrate (this controls your audio quality- choose from 32000 to 320000), and the Burst Buffer.
Should you decide to, this is also where you delete your station.

Next is Relays. This is where you will manage the relays for your station. A relay is essentially a copy of your stream. You can create a relay to track your station's traffic more efficiently. You can create one for your website, one for your app, etc.

Last is People. This is where you will invite staff to help you manage the station.

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