You can manage your radio settings on the SETTINGS tab.

At the Station Info tab you can see the information that you have already given us when you signed up. You can edit them or add more info.

This information (but the Name, logo and tagline) is not shown publicly. It's useful to fill in these fields as it helps us understand who you are and offer you the best service possible.

At the Privacy & Access tab you can set whether or not to show tracks that are playing.

At the Broadcast tab you can:

  • Check the Master Link. This broadcast link and the server credentials that come with it allow you to broadcast using your choice of equipment. The information will allow you to use any Icecast or Shoutcast-compatible broadcasting/ DJing software or plugin to connect to Zeno Tools.
  • Set if the breaks can interrupt master link.
  • Enable stream alerts for signed-up users. 

At the Advanced Settings tab you can :

  • check if your server and your library are active and running,
  • check the status of your streaming.
  • delete your station.

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