Its easy to take callers from streamers through Zeno Tools on our Broadcast Studio feature! Please note that Broadcast Studio is currently in its beta version and available upon request.

Tip: Use Chrome browser. 

  1. Click the Broadcast Studio icon on your page:

2. Make sure you are LIVE by clicking GO LIVE

3. You will see a listener calling-in under "Listeners Requesting Call-In". Click on the green phone icon to take them on-air. 

Once the caller is on air, you have the ability to mute them and disconnect them from your live show: 

When listeners follow your streaming URL they can listen to your live shows can call in.
When you are live, they will see a blinking red dot next to LIVE at the top of your microsite page and they will have a Call In option:

Callers will then be prompted to give their name the reason for their call:

Upon submitting this information, they will automatically be added to your queue. 

**Please note that this call-in option is only currently available for streaming. We are working hard to make this option available to other listeners. Stay tuned for this and many more exciting features to come!

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