1. Login to tools.zeno.fm.

2. On the lefthand side are your Account settings. Select the station you wish to manage from the dropdown:

3. Go to AutoDJ Tab and Select Upload Media to start uploading files or a Media URL.


When hitting "Upload Audio" button, you'll see you have the opportunity to upload files from your device and to also add a media URL. 

The following types of files are supported: .mp3 and .wav

The media URL should point to an MP3 static file. YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Google Drive, Dropbox links, etc. are not compatible. The Media URL must be an MP3 format.

After creating your playlist, when connection is lost or you are not broadcasting live, Auto DJ will automatically take over! 

Please note that Auto DJ is one playlist. At this moment in time there is not the option to create multiple playlists or divide the playlist by genre, artist, etc. 

Broadcasters can upload up to 200 tracks. The uploader can process up to 500MB at a time. 

Lastly, the Auto DJ playlist only runs when there are listeners are the stream. If it is the case that there are no listeners and that stream is broadcasting solely through its AutoDJ playlist, the playlist will stop and then resume from the last played track as soon as a new listener accesses the stream. 

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