We build and maintain customized mobile apps for qualifying broadcasters at no charge to the broadcaster.
If you already signed up for Call-to-Listen or streaming and you would also like to have a mobile app, there is threshold that needs to be reached.
Once you maintain an average of 25,000 minutes per day (approx. 417 hours) on the US call-to-listen number assigned and/or streaming, you will qualify for a mobile application.
This is a SUM of all your minutes calculated by an aggregate of your listeners' online streaming activity.
If you are at or near this threshold, please inform a Zeno Media representative that you are interested in having a mobile app so that we can get started!

*Please be advised that if you have an old application that has been removed from the app store or no longer working, in order to republish this application you will have to meet the requirements stated above.*

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