Creating an attractive looking microsite is very easy, and can be done in just a couple of minutes.
Check out this video to learn how to create your microsite:


  • Completely Customizable — We redesigned the sites from the ground up, bringing your station front and center. Now, you can customize your background, logo, station description and include all your social media links.
  • Your site, your link — With a branded URL, enables your site to feel even more like home. All new pages will sit on the new URL and then you can customize the URL to be
  • Built in Zeno Broadcast — When using Zeno Broadcast listeners can call-in and speak with the host on-air directly from your microsite. No need for listeners to memorize phone numbers and broadcasters to manage complex IVR systems.

    Be sure to share your microsite with your listeners!

*NOTE FOR URL: only signs permitted in URL are dashes (-) or underscores (_). Periods, apostrophes, forward slash, back slash, etc. allowed. 

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