How does the prayer line work for hosts?

  1. Call your assigned phone number, for example: 1-234-567-8999

  2. Press 2 as soon as the phone call connects, this identifies you as a host

  3. Enter your code, which is: 2020

  4. Done! You are now hosting the prayer line

If your live streaming is on Extension 1:

If your prayer line is linked to your main Zeno phone number, your host extension is on channel 3, so you will need to call your phone number and press 3 as soon as the phone call connects.

Mute feature:

To mute all your participants press *5

  • Your participants can hear you but not each other

  • You can’t hear your participants

If you want any participant to unmute themselves, for example if you have a co-host

  • Tell your co-host participant to press *6 and this will unmute them individually

  • Everyone else will remain muted

  • Your participants will be able to hear you, the host, and the unmuted participant (co-host)

  • Please note if you share this *6 option with everyone, all participants will be able to unmute themselves whenever they want

If you want to mute all your participants without the option to unmute themselves

  • Press *5 *5

  • This will mute everyone permanently

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